Corporate Commissions (all size doll heads)Commission starting price is; $2,500.00. *** see line items 12, 13 and 14 for additional fees

[01] ½ is due upon acceptance of commission. The half up front is the deposit for your repaint. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE & will not be returned.

[02] Balance is due upon completion and must be paid in full before the doll/doll head or sculpt can be picked up or mailed.

[03] This price includes; full facial paint and hair styling. It does not include any other enhancements.

There are no discounts or a break in the price if you do not want the hair styled or wig styled or there is only painted hair or sculpted hair.

Other enhancements are at an additional cost.

[04] Doll will not be dressed or returned in any clothing not provided by commissioner (the buyer).

[05] The buyer must supply the doll to be repainted. The price does not include the doll/doll head, head sculpt or any other materials.

[06] The price does not include shipping or full insurance or special packaging. Buyer must pay for and make those arrangements.

[07] Noel does not guarantee the box supplied or that houses the doll will be in pristine condition upon completion or mailing. IF you want to retain the box in pristine shape please do NOT send the doll in that box.

[08] Carefully wrap the doll in bubble wrap and take extra precautions in shipping and insure your doll. Noel is NOT responsible for the condition of the doll/doll head received or the sculpt received. IF the recipient sends a scratched, nicked, damaged or otherwise discolored head/head sculpt/doll, the item will be photographed and sender notified. Doll will NOT be repaired by Noel. Schedule permitting your job may be rescheduled or canceled. You will be responsible for sending a call tag and pay all postage for pick up and return of what is received. No exceptions.

[09] Noel does not offer any insurance or take any responsibility for the condition of your doll in the process of shipping, so please insure your doll accordingly.

[10] You will receive a certificate of authenticity with the completed doll/doll head or head sculpt. Unless you provide clothing for the doll the doll will be returned unclothed.

[11] Noel will take photos of the doll/doll head or head sculpt so you can see it in its completed state but again, the doll will not be returned with any clothes, props, jewelry or other dolls that it may be photographed with and Noel retains the rights to the photos he takes.

[12] IF you want a detailed color list of the repaint, Noel will provide that in JPG format. He will only list the paints used to create the repaint in its final form. The price for the color list is $500.00 and is non transferable. You can not electronically share, post or disseminate this in any form be it written or verbally or via the internet or any on-line or cellular device. It can not be shared on or in any medium. Only the finished photographed project can be shared. You can not re-sell it or auction it. Any violation of this term and the starting fine is $7,500.00 and 45% of any and all proceeds related to such post, sale or creation of any product based off of the color list/proto type.

[13] IF Noel is commissioned for a commercial company re-paint and you do not want him credited as the repaint artist for the prototype (not the completed production line product) and do not want him to post his work as the repaint artist there is an additional $1,000.00 fee. This fee is non-negotiable.

[14] A Note About Dolls previously auctioned by Noel Dolls that have previously been auctioned on eBay by Noel Cruz start at that closing bid if it is over the $2,500.00 minimum commission price for any doll or a certain celebrity.

Failure to complete payment on the commissioned doll (within thirty days of completion date) will result in the doll becoming an auction doll. Once the doll is listed you will not be able to purchase the doll under any circumstances.

No monies will be returned as the money that is deposited for a commission goes towards the work completed.