Feel free to e-mail Noel to initiate a commission.E-mail Noel @: noeling61@yahoo.com


Noel does not accept all requests submitted. All dolls painted are one of a kind (OOAK) and no two are exactly alike. Noel does not replicate or duplicate a doll already created. Often times a celebrity will be painted again and either auctioned or as a commissioned doll however, again, no two are exactly alike and the intent is never to duplicate a doll already in existence. Commissioned dolls have a set starting rate.

Rates are not negotiable.

Commissions; 12 inch dolls & all 16″ Dolls

12 Inch/Barbie Size dolls and 16 inch dolls, such as Tonner or other larger dolls. Commission starting price is; $1,250.00. 

[01] HALF is due upon acceptance of commission. The half up front is the deposit for your repaint. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE & will not be returned.

[02] Balance is due upon completion and must be paid in full before the doll can be picked up or mailed.

[03] This price includes; full facial paint and hair styling. It does not include any other enhancements.
There are no discounts or a break in the price if you do not want the hair styled.Other enhancements are at an additional cost.

[04] Doll will not be dressed or returned in any clothing not provided by commissioner (the buyer).

[05] The buyer must supply the doll to be repainted. The price does not include the doll.

[06] The price does not include shipping or full insurance or special packaging. Buyer must pay for and make those arrangements.

[07] Noel does not guarantee the box supplied or that houses the doll will be in pristine condition upon completion or mailing. IF you want to retain the box in pristine shape please do NOT send the doll in that box.

[08] Carefully wrap the doll in bubble wrap and take extra precautions in shipping and insure your doll.

[09] Noel does not offer any insurance or take any responsibility for the condition of your doll in the process of shipping, so please insure your doll accordingly.

[10] You will receive a certificate of authenticity with the completed doll. Unless you provide clothing for the doll the doll will be returned unclothed.

[11] Noel will take photos of the doll so you can see it in its completed state but again, the doll will not be returned with any clothes, props, jewelry or other dolls that it may be photographed with and Noel retains the rights to the photos he takes.***A Note About Dolls previously auctioned by Noel

No monies will be returned as the money that is deposited for a commission goes towards the work completed. See above, number one.

Simply deciding that you do not want to pay for the work does not mean you have a claim to any monies deposited and none will be returned.

A Note About Dolls previously auctioned by Noel

Dolls that have previously been auctioned on eBay by Noel Cruz start at that closing bid if it is over the $1,250.00 minimum commission price for 12 inch dolls or $1,250.00 for 16 inch dolls. Regardless of the type of dolls, whomever the celebrity is (like Jaclyn Smith) whether a 12 inch doll or 16 inch doll that celebrity will start at the cost of that closing auction.

For example, Farrah Fawcett was auctioned on eBay (the Farrah Fawcett that Noel Cruz repainted and listed on eBay 11/2012) for $2,025.00, Cheryl Ladd (11/2012) starts at: $2,225.00, Jacyln Smith (11/12) starts at:$2,225.00, and Kate Jackson (11/12) starts at $5,100.00

That is the starting price for a Farrah Fawcett commissioned doll in order to be fair to those that have purchased a doll that Noel has created and has auctioned.

Again, Noel may or may not choose to do that doll again. Noel prides himself on exquisite work but not on being an assembly line. He prefers not doing the same doll over and over again. So, please, if that is a doll you want, and it has sold before or been done and created before, feel free to submit a request but that request may not be accepted.

Dollars are American dollars. There is NO variance for any other currency and the amount is in American Dollars only.