Skullector Elvira Doll has the Halloween queen’s signature jet black hair, bootiful makeup, and screamium fashion—all with a Monster High twist – From the Mattel Site. Doll is SOLD OUT!

Cassandra Peterson better known as Elvira; Mistress of the Dark collaborated with Mattel to create a limited-edition Monster High Elvira.

The Elvira Monster High doll, which was announced on social media on Jan. 8, wrought waves of disappointed fans after pre-orders went live on Jan. 13 on Mattel Creations. Within minutes, the doll, which sold domestically for $65 plus shipping and tax, was listed as “sold out.”

Photographer Jason Tidwell Stylist Audra Bennette – Factory Doll
Elvira Monster High Limited Edition restyled and repainted.
Repainted Monster High Elvira Doll by Noel Cruz